Unique way to a harmonious balance of body and soul


Our Pride

Ladies and gentlemen, we are truly honored to have the opportunity to introduce our pride ...

Beer spa Bernard

Yes, it is her, the pearl in the necklace of comfort of luxury hotel Ungelt.

It is not necessary to further describe how incredibly difficult it was to make this great idea work in the historical center of Prague. What obstacles we had to overcome. The most important is the result. And how it is used to say in our country, "Good end, all good".

Own, completely unique spa area offer great relax service - beer spa is ready to be used by you, entertain you, treat you, allowing you to fully relax (and also a fully consume).

Other words, enjoy your every strong personal memorable experience that will deeply engraved in the memory.

Relaxing treatments

Relaxing treatments in our Beer spa Bernard is divided into several parts.

The first part is bathing in the beer bath. It's a bath in the original large tub designed for two adults, connected with UNLIMITED consumption of beer Bernard. Do not doubt about carefully selected and properly blended ingredients. This is ingredients which are used in production of original Czech beer from the brewery of Bernard family.

he second part is a little bit less active, and the most relaxing and refreshing.

Both parts together last for about one hour.

Of course you can have another oportunity. As a numerous requests of our clients we have to introduce you extra posibility of the second part such as relaxing massage and then it will take about 1.5 hours.

So leťs go:

... hurrah to properly warmed bubble bath for two. In winter it will warm your body and in summer it will make it cooler. Water is always accompanied by the carefully selected ingredients from the brewery of Bernard family.

And you are alone. Taking a bath full of beer, bubbles tickle through the whole body, which are properly warmed, relaxed and happy. Just harmony of the body has already begun.

In the middle of the large bath dominate tap from which you can pour beverage as much as you can drink during the whole procedure. Operation of course, not here anymore, so, how it is going on... we do not know, but we will try to imagine it.

After some time, operation will notice that time of the first part is finished and the sekond part is ready to start.

Large comfortable bed is ready for another relaxing part. During this part body will be released and you will feel the whole atmosphere of the spa.

Reason why you really understand how to relax, you will also arrange massage as well. Can you feel it? The comfort, the atmosphere, the peace, the harmony. It is perfect.

What is your imagination?

Other wellness categories is ready to be served for you

Who tried it, can also share his experience with others, and incessantly keeping reminding it to himself.

Drop by, everything is prepared for you. But you will have to share it by yourself ;o)


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